• Graphic Design, Business ManagementDrake University

    2005-08-01- 2009-05-01

    Webmaster - Alpha Kappa Psi


  • Web Development
  • Application Development
  • Test Driven Development
    karmamochajasminechaisinonunit testing
  • DevOps
    Travis CIFirebaseHerokuCircleCi
  • OOP
    PythonDjango Rest Framework
Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Lead Front-end Developer,  Vector Legal Method

    2017-11-01 - 2018-09-281 year

    Vector Legal Method is the first collaborative litigation management platform for corporate legal departments and law firms.

    • Converted Angular app to use less and implement other current front-end best practices like reactive forms

    • Cleaned up application architecture into resuable modules and components

    • Wrote unit tests across all existing components

    • Built dynamic and resuable components to be used throughout application to rapidly speed up new feature deliveries

    • Refactored large problem areas of codebase into cleaner and more readable components

    • Build metrics dashboard in D3

  • JavaScript Developer,  Fire Engine Red

    2015-12-05 - 2017-09-231 year

    Fire Engine RED is an innovative technology, marketing, and modeling solutions company that’s served the education market since 2001.

    • Refactored Gulp process into tasks to benefit different team needs

    • Refactored large code features into modular, more usable and testable patterns

    • Implemented karma + Jasmine for JS testing and integrated into existing build process

    • Wrote documentation for how to get Selenium acceptance + regression tests running on local envs

    • Documented and taught JavaScript team how to implement JS unit testing

    • Helped reduce outstanding front-end bug tickets by ~60%

  • JavaScript Developer/UI UX Designer,  SMRxT

    2015-01-10 - 2015-11-121 year

    SMRxT is a medication adherence software application.

    • Fixed bugs in existing code to improve legacy app loadtime and usage

    • Designed UI for new SPA based on customer feedback and user stories

    • Built 3 single page applications for authentication, inventory, and clinical usage

    • Implemented Auth0 and SSO across 3 apps

    • Architected 3 apps + consistent build process for deployment

    • Wrote front-end JavaScript unit tests to support constant refactoring

  • Platform Engineer,  MindMixer/My Sidewalk

    2014-07-01 - 2015-01-071 year

    MySidewalk is a civic engagement platform that allows citizens to communication with civic entities and government officials.

    • Built statistic display feature in Angular combining various data endpoints from application

    • Built polling place location feature based on populated civic data

    • Implemented .csv parsing feature on front-end to allow users to easily bulk import contacts

    • Implemented oAuth in JavaScript and used Google Contacts API in Python to allow users to import Gmail contacts into application

    • Automated emails to notify sales team when app users requested admin rights and page ownership

    • Implemented notifications ui for user interactions

    • Implemented front-end testing standards and pair-programmed with other developers to help them learn testing

  • Web Developer,  VML

    2011-12-07 - 2014-07-011 year

    VML is Kansas City's largest digital marketing agency.

    • Revlon - Developed Facebook app for award-winning Revlon Expression Experiment

    • Bayer Animal Health - Built product locator using Google Maps API, added new product pages and microsites for CMS

    • Bayer Animal Health - Built iPad app for Bayer Reps to promote Baytril® to Veterinarians at trade shows with JavaScript, Backbone, and PhoneGap

    • Kashi Protein - Stepped in to help fix poor implementation of knockout.js on short timeline, mentored peers in proper front-end MVC architecture and use of knockout.js

    • Gatorade - Built One-Up social media campaign app using Instagram’s API (Finalist for 2014 Shorty awards)

    • Gatorade - Built Win from Within Campaign integrating with Facebook’s API

    • - Built responsive website on Sitefinity, fixed 100% of bugs reported on daily basis

    • Science of Gatorade - Built Science-of-G microsite animations and overlays

    • Korean Air - Lead content team in building features supporting content from Adobe CQ5 platform, and on-boarded and managed external resources in Bogata, Columbia

    • Korean Air - Implemented Korean 3rd party services for citizen internet authentication

    • Internal VML - Created user-group uniting all front-end developers, promoted knowledge sharing, thought leadership, and community involvement, lead hackathon team on community service day to build community garden map application

  • Web Developer/Designer,  Softvu

    2011-02-01 - 2011-12-011 year

    SoftVu is a marketing automation firm in the mortgage industry.

    • Consistantly delivered designs approved 1st round by clients

    • Implemented new systems for building and organizing content, along with documenting company designer role

    • Created design concepts for new client campaigns within existing brand guidelines (landing pages, ecards, introduction videos, email templates)